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A Song of Ice & Fire: Stark Starter Set

A Song of Ice & Fire: Stark Starter Set

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The Direwolf banner readies for war and with it the heroes and soldiers of House Stark and its sworn subjects. Robb Stark leads the way with his mighty direwolf Grey Wind at his side. Catelyn and Sansa Stark work tirelessly behind the scenes to give their Sworn Swords every advantage in battle. Greatjon Umber's prowess in the field will lead his Berserkers to victory time and again. And House Karstark's Spearmen will ensure the vanguard advances without fear. The War of Five Kings is upon us all, and the time to draw swords is nigh!

Grey Wind is supplied on a 50mm base. The other miniatures are supplied on 30mm bases.

Plastic components.
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