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A Thief's Fortune

A Thief's Fortune

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Nabbarah A city full of wonders and stories to be told - a glimmering jewel in the middle of the desert. You are a thief, always on the look for the next target to hit. You decide to sneak into the Royal Palace, break in its Treasure Room, and look for the mythical treasures rumoured to be hidden there.
Among piles of gold, emeralds and precious jewellery you stumble upon a chest containing a mysterious Hourglass. As soon as you touch it you are filled with mystical energy and realize its true power: You are now able to see glimpses of your own future. By taking different courses of action, different paths unfold before you, allowing you to shape your future as you see fit. Unfortunately, everyone in the palace is now after you...

A Thief's Fortune is a card game for 1-4 players in which each player represents a different possible future of the same character. By visiting different locations, interacting with local characters and making sure that certain events you have seen, actually happen, you try to find the path that will lead you as far away as possible from danger. Will you manage to live your best possible time-line and take charge of your own fortune?

About the Game

Each player has 3 different areas in front of them. The Future, the Present and the Past. During every round, players will be drafting Location, Character and Event cards adding them in their Future with various resources on them.
They then collect a certain number of resources from those cards and all cards that no longer hold any resources, are moved in to each player’s Present. The following action phase allows each player to start activating the cards in their present, to perform various actions as they build and manipulate their own, as well as their opponent’s game engine in an attempt to score the most Fortune points.

Which player will create the most promising timeline?

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