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Bank Heist

Bank Heist

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Bank Heist is a social deduction game for 5 - 8 players with an explosive action phase. The game sets itself apart from other popular social deduction games by not allowing player eliminations until a secondary phase of the game.

Players are randomly dealt a secret identity card that could read Agent, Rival, or Crew. Agents get to know if they have a comrade as do Rivals. Crew usually have the numbers advantage but are always in the dark.

The game is played in 2 primary phases: The Robbery and the Getaway. During the Robbery players try to load cash into the truck before the police arrive at the bank. Players draw and pass cards to observe what the receiving players do with those cards in order to figure out who they can trust. Crew must place cash bags into the truck. There is one Crew member that has "Sticky Fingers" and must keep cash bags even though they win or lose with the Crew. Agents try to stop the Robbery by keeping cash bags. Rivals need a successful robbery, but will try to eliminate the others before the end of the game. Not all cards are cash. The deck is filled with items such as Adrenaline, Zip Ties, Knives, and more.

As the Robbery moves along, players also flip over Alarm cards which cause instant actions to happen such as checking other players Identity card for a Crew Tattoo or showing your hand to a player you trust. Additionally, there are Attribute cards such as Martial Skills or Gun Jammed which can enhance or hinder player abilities.

If the Robbery is successful, play moves to the Getaway. During this phase players will use the information and items they collected during the Robbery to eliminate those they don't trust before the truck reaches the Hideout. Each faction has different abilities during this phase that will help them achieve their specific win conditions.

5-8 Players 

30-60 Minutes 

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