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Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge (Core Game)

Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge (Core Game)

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In a world where being sung of by bards is the mark of a true hero, you begin with a single tile, a destination, and the desire to become songworthy. What unfolds is a labyrinthine dungeon of your creation, filled with dangerous enemies, wandering monsters, challenging combat puzzle, and valuable treasures.

Inspired by dungeon-crawlers, roleplaying games, and choose-your-own-adventure classics, Bardsung is a cooperative dungeon explorer that combines the best of all three to create a powerful new experience.

Descend into the depths of an Ancient Forge, building unique dungeons by making decisions as you explore. Face the terrible creatures that call the darkness home in dynamic, zone-based combat where teamwork and positioning are vital to solving the combat puzzles unique to each encounter. As you progress, level up your character using a classless path system to create a bespoke hero worthy of song!

From choosing your path through the forge to choosing your hero's path to greatness, the decisions you make and directions you take will inform and evolve your story. Step into a branching, 50+ hour fantasy campaign lush with narrative from the legendary Rhianna Pratchett. With multiple potential paths through the depths, and card decks that evolve based on your decisions, you can always return to take a different route. The Ancient Forge is a warren of secrets waiting to be discovered, and your legend is just beginning. . .

Inspire the songs. Live your legend. Become Bardsung!
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