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The squad tactics stealth thriller of the future!

Burncycle is a pulse-pounding strategic infiltration game for 1-4 players. Whether playing solo or co-op, players must take risks and consider their best possible turn compositions to move a team of robots through the hostile corridors of oppressive human-run corporations in the far future.

Featuring challenging decision-making and unique opportunities to press your advantage, burncycle comes with a variety of corporations, objective cards, and security details that assure maximum replayability. Whether you're playing a standalone game or burncycle's tense campaign mode, you'll constantly be met with new synchronicities and new dilemmas, leaving you scrambling to get your bots to the next floor.

As always, all the action is thematically presented on the premium weighted chips, neoprene play surfaces and heat-pressed dice Chip Theory Games is known for. Durable and beautiful with no need for card sleeves or third-party inserts, burncycle looks as well as plays like a gem of your collection.

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