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Digimon TCG: Draconic Roar [EX-03] Booster Box (24)

Digimon TCG: Draconic Roar [EX-03] Booster Box (24)

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Dragon Themed Booster!!

 • A theme booster that features tons of Dragon-type Digimon!

 • In addition to cards that enhance your current Dragon cards, this booster also includes Digimon that are making their debut in the Digimon Card Game!

Popular Characters from Digimon Links!

 • Characters from the smartphone game, Digimon Links makes their first appearance!

 • Be sure to check out these popular characters and their powerful cards!

All New Card Text!

 • All the cards in this theme booster have brand new card text and effects!

 • Although separate from the main booster series, this theme booster contains numerous powerful and collectible cards that players won't want to miss!

Draconic Roar Box Topper!

 • Each box comes with a Draconic Roar Promotion Pack featuring 1 of 7 alternate art cards! 6 of these cards are from Draconic Roar, and 1 special card is an alternate art reprint from a previous set with a low pull rate! Customers will want more sealed product to find this special Box Topper!

1 Sealed Booster Box
‣ 24 Booster Packs
1 Box Promotion Pack (1 Card)
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