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Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming Robinson



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Rule the Waterfront

Step into the shoes of these savvy entrepreneurs at the height of the Gold Rush. Purchase the rights to abandoned ships and dock them in the harbor, then build structures up to four stories high on these unorthodox foundations.

Embarcadero is a high-stakes game of financial enterprise. Play as a famous historical figure of the era and test your mettle against other business moguls. Compete over the best resources, the best locations along the wharves, and the best seats in the city council.

Control the wharfside district as your business empire grows - both outward and inward. Do you have what it takes to rule the waterfront?

1 Game Board
53 Ship Tiles
30 Wharf/Infill Tiles
53 Ship Cards
53 Building Cards
13 Landmark Cards
9 Goal Cards
6 Character Cards
1 First Player Marker
4 Player Boards
80 Building Tiles
8 Score Markers
4 100-point Tokens
15 Resource Tokens
160 Structures
25 Sunk Tokens
50 Coins
1 Rulebook
1 Solo Player Aid

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

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