Flesh & Blood TCG: Arcane Rising Unlimited Ed - Booster Box (24)

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    Difference Between Unlimited Boosters and First Printing Boosters:

    • Unlimited Edition packaging has a red UNLIMITED flag on boosters and displays

    • Unlimited Edition is black border and contains exactly the same cards as the original printing of these products, in the same configuration. Unlimited Edition supports booster draft and sealed deck play.

    • Unlimited Edition cards have improvements to colour, templating, and syntax since their original printing, such as "red" colour strips, rarity badges, and adding italic reminder text to some cards.

    • Cards that are Cold Foils in the first printing will instead be Rainbow Foils in the Unlimited printings

    1 Sealed Booster Box
      ‣ 24 Booster Packs

    Limit 12 per customer.

    - $90.00

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