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Magic the Gathering: Commander 2020 - Ikoria

Magic the Gathering: Commander 2020 - Ikoria

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Arcane Maelstrom
Kalamax is a creature of pure, destructive chaos, whose presence alone moves mountains and reshapes the horizon. It exudes raw elemental energy, power any mage would covet - if they could get close enough to harness it.

Enhanced Evolution
The mischievous beast Otrimi dwells among the giant roots of Ikoria's largest swamp, constantly growing and mutating. For now, it is elusive, but some hunters fear that it will one day rise as the most fearsome monster on all Ikoria.

Ruthless Regiment
As a captain of her sanctuary's military, Jirina dedicates her life to defending the civilians in her care at all costs. Amid constant monster attacks, she and her troops rely on discipline and precise tactics to keep the danger at bay.

Symbiotic Swarm
Kathril is a cunning, insectile nightmare with powerful shapeshifting abilities. It excels at strategically mimicking other creatures, and delights in luring would-be predators to their deaths.

Timeless Wisdom
The outlander Gavi spends her days in the wilds, passing on her knowledge to her adopted brood of monsters. Those who mistake her calm demeanor for weakness tend to realize their error as they are devoured by cat-dinosaurs.

Each Deck Includes:
  ‣ 1 Deck Box
  ‣ 100-card Deck
  ‣ 1 Foil Oversized Commander Card
  ‣ 10 Double-sided Token Cards
  ‣ 1 Strategy Insert
  ‣1 Reference Card
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