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Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 2 - Bundle

Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 2 - Bundle

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Broaden your Horizons

Modern Horizons returns with a treasure trove of tools for Modern and Commander players to build, tinker, and perfect the decks of their wildest dreams. Showcase hoarder, spreadsheet theory crafter, squirrel deck Commander fan - no matter what type of Magic player you are, Modern Horizons 2 has something for you. Get your hands on powerful cards designed for Modern, plus 42 New-to-Modern reprints, showstopping artistic treatments, and enemy color Fetch Lands! Now go build something awesome.

10 Modern Horizons Draft Booster
Exclusive foil alt-art promo card
40 Basic land cards
Spindown life counter and MTG card storage box

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