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Stop Thief! 2nd Edition

Stop Thief! 2nd Edition

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A Crime Has Been Committed…But Where?!

Stop Thief! is a restoration of the 1979 Parker Brothers classic. The app plays sounds to give you clues to the thief's location as they move around the board. Choose one of six investigators and use their special ability to catch the thieves.

There are four different ways to play:

Cooperative: Work with the other investigators to catch the Atlantic Seven before they steal all the loot.

Competitive: Race against the other investigators to catch thieves and claim the most reward money.

One vs. Many: One of you is the thief, using the app to secretly move around the board and outwit your friends.

Solo: It's just you against the thieves, and the app shows no mercy.

New for the 2nd Edition:
1. Updated app with an improved thief AI.
2. A new ability for the green investigator.
3. Additional thieves for cooperative play.

Ages: 8+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30-45 minutes

The free "Restoration Games" app is required to play Stop Thief! and features difficulty settings, customized thief movement, retro mode, and more.


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