Roll Player: Monsters & Minions Expansion

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    A call to arms! An abomination is terrorizing villages throughout the kingdom, leaving behind a path of death and destruction. The king has summoned all able-bodied adventurers to return to the capital and organize a plan to rid the kingdom of this menace.

    In Monsters & Minions, players compete not only to construct the greatest fantasy characters, but also to gather information about the looming threat and prepare for a final showdown against the beast. The more prepared the adventurers are for the battle, the better they'll fare.

    Gather details from the Monster's Minions for the fight ahead. Where is the Monster's lair? What obstacles will there be along the way? How will it strike next? Players earn additional Reputation Stars by driving back the evil Monster and its Minions. The player with the most impressive reputation wins the game and becomes heir to the kingdom!

    1 Rulebook
    1 Hero Tome
    50 Gold
    5 Character Sheets
    6 Charisma Tokens
    1 Start Player Token
    43 Dice
    170 Cards
    55 Tracking Tokens
    40 XP Cubes

    Ages: 10+
    Players: 1-5
    Game Length: 60-90 minutes

    This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Roll Player is required to play.

    - $49.95

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