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RWBY: Combat Ready - Villains Expansion

RWBY: Combat Ready - Villains Expansion

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Boost your RWBY: Combat Ready experience with the Villains Expansion! Enhance your gameplay by replacing the Villain Fury token in the base game with miniatures of each of the three villains: Roman Torchwick, Adam Taurus, and Cinder Fall. Included in this box are ten additional cards for each of the Villains, introducing exciting new attacks, actions, and special events to provide new challenges for team RWBY!

Don't worry, out heroes have some new surprises in store as well! Also included are six additional actions for each main character: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, and Penny! These cards are powerful new attacks and actions you can upgrade to use during battle!

3 Villain Miniatures
Villains Booster Expansion Deck (30 Cards)
Heroes Booster Expansion Deck (30 Cards)
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