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Arcane Wonders

Smartphone Inc

Smartphone Inc

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In this economic game, players become the owners of multinational technology companies that design, develop, and sell smartphones. Find your own way to success as your company grows! Sell your products, research new technology, and open new retail outlets.

Will you manufacture a product for mass consumption or take the lead in high-technology? The choice is yours.

1 Two-layer Game Board
5 Player Screens
7 Retailer Tiles
1 Point Tracker
6 Patent Tiles
6 Technology Tiles
32 Development Tiles
20 Goods Tiles
10 Player Boards
5 Personal Player Trays
60 Progress Markers
90 Office Markers
100 Goods Markers
1 Round Marker
1 Phase Marker
1 Steve Marker
1 Steve Player Board
Game Rules
Solo-game Rules

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 90 minutes
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