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The Horus Heresy: Special Weapons Upgrade Set

The Horus Heresy: Special Weapons Upgrade Set

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  • Upgrade your MKVI Tactical Squad Legionaries into Tactical Support Squads
  • Contains 60 special weapons - flamers, meltaguns, plasma guns, rotor cannons, volkite calivers, and volkite chargers
  • Outfit up to 12 separate squads with guns to suit any situation

Tactical Support Squads replace the utilitarian bolter of their comrades with more specialised weapons, enabling a Legiones Astartes strike force to act with even more versatility and engage a wider range of targets on its own terms. Each of the armaments used by Tactical Support Squads has its place – flamers are ideal for clearing bunkers, trenches, and urban zones, while rapid-firing rotor cannons see use against hordes of lightly-armoured foes. Meltaguns provide bursts of thermic energy for tank-busting, and volatile plasma guns can melt even heavily-armoured elites. Arcane volkite weapons – both the volkite caliver and lighter volkite charger – sear through targets with beams of thermal energy.

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