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Para Bellum

Spires: 1 Player starter Set

Spires: 1 Player starter Set

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A Spire Warband is the ideal place for an aspiring commander to begin his collection into the world of Conquest. With one Character and Four Regiments it provides the player with enough troops to play a solid game of Conquest: First Blood, while also providing a starting point for a full Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings army. Makes a Great Gift!

Includes 24 Force-Grown Drone Miniatures, 12 Marksman Clones Miniatures, 12 Vanguard Clones or Infiltrators Miniatures, 1 High Clone Executor Miniature, 1 Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings 1.5 Rulebook, All Assembly Guides, a path of Conquest Spires guide, and a preview of First Blood 2.0 with $10 coupon for the print copy.

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