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Succulent is a fun new tile-laying and set collection game that plays quickly and doesn’t have that many rules to learn, giving you a choice of one of two actions on every turn, plus the chance to turn in the tokens you’ve collected if you meet an objective. It’s a bit held back by some of the art and graphic design choices, unfortunately, although that’s something Renegade should remedy in future editions.

In Succulent, players will compete to place their own garden tiles on a modular central board that comprises tiles with 3×4 grids showing plants in five different colors. When you cover those plants with your tiles, you get ‘cuttings’ in those colors, and over the course of the game you’ll gather those cuttings in sets to match those shown on the five or six public objective cards, gaining victory points and sometimes additional bonuses like free cuttings.

There are also water droplets shown on three of the 12 plants on each piece of the central board. If you place your garden tile over one of those plants, you get a small water droplet and can place it on any open space on your personal player board, which has areas for all five types of cuttings. Once you’ve filled the droplet spaces (from two to four) in a specific plant’s area, you can trade them in for a cutting of that color when fulfilling an objective card.

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