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The Dwarves: Big Box Edition

The Dwarves: Big Box Edition

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The Dwarves face the dark threat of Orcs, Trolls and Alfar. To defeat evil they have to join forces and coordinate their actions. Based on the series of novels by Markus Heitz, the cooperative game for 2 to 6 players aged 10 and up throws players into various scenarios, in which they have to spend their action points wisely each turn, to gather equipment, fulfill missions, use their special abilities, travel the country and fight back the ever-advancing menace before their land succumbs to darkness.

The Dwarves Big Box combines 2012’s award-winning base game, the large Saga Expansion, the New Heroes Expansion, the story expansions Combined Might and The Triumph of the Dwarves as well as the Alfar Expansion in one appealing, highly re-playable package.

2 Game Boards
12 Character Boards
15 Miniatures
6 Health Tokens
106 Tiles
201 Cards
75 Troops
15 Scenario Cubes
10 Dice
1 Rulebook
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