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Tiny Epic Dungeons

Tiny Epic Dungeons

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Tiny Epic Dungeons is a cooperative game split into two acts. In both, players struggle against the waning torchlight as it decreases each turn. When the torch goes out, the heroes are forever lost in the darkness.

In Act 1, explore the dungeon, fight enemies, and evade traps in an effort to find the boss's lair.

In Act 2, engage in an epic battle against the boss. Can you brave the dungeon and overcome the boss's fury?

8 Hero Miniatures
25 Wooden Game Pieces
13 Wooden Monster Tokens
4 Dice
28 Dungeon Cards*
26 Loot Cards*
14 Spell Cards*
6 Goblin Cards*
8 Minion Cards*
8 Hero Mats°
6 Boss Mats°
1 Torch Mat°
1 Rulebook

Card Sleeve Sizes Recommended:
* 70 x 70mm
° 88 x 125mm

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30-60 minutes

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