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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Destruction Battletome - Orruk Warclans (2021)

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Destruction Battletome - Orruk Warclans (2021)

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This 136-page hardback book contains:

• A war chest of lore about the Orruk Warclans, their history, and their activities following the return of Kragnos

• Stunning art depicting the Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz, and the new Kruleboyz

• 37 warscrolls and pitched battle profiles for everything from sneaky Hobgrot Slittaz to the Earthquake God himself

• 15 warscroll battalions for Path to Glory narrative campaigns

• Allegiance abilities for every Orruk Warclans subfaction

• Content for matched play, including 5 grand strategies, 6 battle tactics, and 3 core battalions

• Path to Glory campaign rules for creating an Orruk Warclans warband

• A beautiful miniature showcase and painting guide for getting the most out of your Waaagh!

• Extensive bestiary information for the Orruk Warclans units, including the background of Kragnos, End of Empires
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