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Yu-Gi-Oh TCG: Structure Deck - Albaz Strike

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG: Structure Deck - Albaz Strike

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Tri-Brigade! Dogmatika! Springans! Swordsouls!

On a distant, abyssal world, where different groups co-exist as both allies and enemies, comes the Fallen of Albaz, a mysterious but powerful figure with no memory of his past. His journey intertwines the destinies of those he meets, and brings their stories together in this Structure Deck of high adventure, containing cards from all four groups, plus the Fallen of Albaz himself and his many Fusion Dragonforms!

Monster Cards
‣ Tri-Brigade Mercourier
‣ Springans Kitt
‣ The Golden Swordsoul
‣ Fallen of Albaz
‣ Albion the Shrouded Dragon
‣ Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knight
‣ Red-Eyed Darkness Metal Dragon
‣ Thunder King, the Lightning Strike Kaiju
‣ Chaos Dragon Levianeer
‣ Radian, the Multidimensional Kaiju
‣ Artifact Scythe
‣ White Dragon Wyverburster
‣ Black Dragon Collapserpent
‣ Starliege Seyfert
‣ Keeper of Dragon Magic
‣ Summoner Monk
‣ Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
‣ Effect Veiler
‣ Omni Dragon Brotaur

Spell Cards
‣ Branded Lost
‣ Branded Fusion
‣ Branded in White
‣ Branded Bond
‣ Fusion Gate
‣ Fusion Recycling Plant
‣ Fusion Substitute
‣ Gold Sarcophagus
‣ Pot of Extravagance
‣ Called by the Grave
‣ Dark Ruler No More

Trap Cards
‣ Branded Sword
‣ Branded Retribution
‣ Screams of the Branded
‣ Judgment of the Branded
‣ Back to the Front
‣ Warning Point
‣ There Can Be Only One
‣ Dimensional Barrier
‣ Waking the Dragon

Extra Deck
‣ Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon
‣ Lubellion the Searing Dragon
‣ Titaniklad the Ash Dragon
‣ Brigrand the Glory Dragon
‣ Sprind the Irondash Dragon
‣ Albion the Branded Dragon

Spell Cards
‣ Albaz the Shrouded
‣ Ecclesia the Exiled
‣ Tri-Brigade
‣ The Virtuous Vestals
‣ Aluber the Dogmatic

5 Ultra Rares
3 Super Rares
38 Commons
5 Special Token Cards
1 Double-Sided Game Mat/Dueling Guide
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